Education Program Manager

The Alaska Humanities Forum (the Forum) is dedicated to connecting Alaskans and  strengthening communities across the state. Using the humanities - literature and  storytelling, history, art, music, philosophy, our shared cultural heritage - we create the  space for Alaskans to share their stories, ideas, and perspectives so that they may better  understand themselves, one another, and the human experience. Since 1974, the Forum  has represented and served Alaska as one of 56 state and territorial councils supported  by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and as a member of the  Federation of State Humanities Councils. 

The Forum's work falls into three main categories: 

1. We utilize cultural immersion, reflective learning, and place-based exploration to  better prepare and connect educators and youth in rural and urban communities  across Alaska. 

2. Our leadership programs build capacity across industries and sectors to grow a  statewide network of thoughtful, engaged, ethical, and courageous leaders for  Alaska. 

3. The Forum leads, hosts, and funds public events, programs, and community  discussions. We empower Alaskans as co-creators in our state's history, narrative,  and future. 

Education Programs 

The Alaska Humanities Forum partners with communities, Alaska Native organizations,  and school districts across three rural regions to provide the Creating Cultural  Competence (C3) program. Newly hired teachers participate alongside Elders, culture  bearers, local youth, and peers in a cultural immersion during the summer under the  structure of a university-level multicultural studies course. 

The C3 journey invites teachers not only to learn about the culture of the community  they'll become a member of, but also to develop a deeper understanding of their own  racial, ethnic, and cultural identities and how those identities shape their values and  assumptions about teaching. Through the C3 program, teachers build relationships that help them connect with the people and communities in the region where they will be  teaching. 

Position Summary 

The Education Program Manager will manage the North Slope C3 program, Aulla─ívik (A  Place to Camp). The Manager will also support the development of new education  programs and manage social media for the education programs. This position will report  to the Director of Cross-Cultural Programs. 

Essential Job Functions 

Program Management 

• Manage program budgets, including drafting budget narratives and  amendments. 

• Ensure program works to meet goals outlined in grants and draft performance  reports. 

• Cultivate strong relationships with program partners, participants and culture  bearers. 

• Develop and carry out virtual programming for participants during the COVID  pandemic, and take a lead role in integrating virtual programming into future  programs. 

• Draft and manage contracts. 

Cross-regional Program Leadership 

• Work with Forum Vice President of Communications and Community  Engagement to manage social media for educator programs and  

updates/redesigns to relevant program materials such as the webpage,  brochure, and Moving to Alaska guide. 

• Present at statewide education conferences, including the annual Alaska  Superintendents Association conference. 

Learning Development and Facilitation 

• Plan and facilitate gatherings for C3 program participants, both virtual and in person. 

• Ensure program events follow the Forum’s preferred methodologies for  gathering, such as The Art of Hosting, World Café and other models of  convening and dialogue. 

• Contribute to Forum team of facilitators by facilitating C3 Program and Forum  internal convenings as opportunities arise. 

Program Design, Development, and Continuous Improvement 

• Co-develop new program components to help deepen teacher connections  within and across regions. 

• Collaborate with Director of Cross-Cultural Programs and Vice President of  Programs to develop new programming in response to need, funding  opportunities, and Forum capacity. 

• Identify opportunities to streamline programs for greater efficiency and  sustainability.  

• Support efforts to seek funding for new and existing initiatives by offering  insight into Alaska’s educational landscape.  

• Support writing new program grants through partner engagement, research  and information coordination. 

Program Coordination 

• Coordinate with course instructors and community cultural hosts. • Manage logistics, including purchasing program supplies, processing invoices,  and booking participant travel and accommodations as necessary. 

• Prepare for and effectively manage daily, weekly and monthly duties within  project timeline. 

• Perform data collection, project evaluation and reporting functions, including  logging participant information and activities. 

• Participate in weekly Forum staff meetings and team meetings.

• Travel to summer immersion camps in remote Alaska and act as Forum staff  representative. 

Other duties as assigned. 

Qualifications and Experience 

Candidates for the position will have a bachelor's degree, with a background in  education in rural Alaska and demonstrated performance in managing projects with  school districts and Alaska Native organizations. Ability to lift 35lbs and ability to lead  and participate in videoconferences for up to four consecutive hours. Ability to work at  a remote campsite without access to running water for up to five consecutive days.  Applicant must be able to pass state and federal background checks. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

• Two years minimum experience designing and delivering educator programming 

• Demonstrated experience successfully planning and managing a project that  takes place in remote Alaska 

• Awareness and understanding of rural Alaska, its people, teachers, school  districts, and communities 

• Capacity to work independently 

• Self-directed initiative; problem solver 

• Strong listening and inquiry skills 

• Resourcefulness and creativity 

• Capacity to work well both collaboratively and independently 

• Ability to lead and participate in videoconferences for up to 4 consecutive hours. 

Conditions of Employment 

The Education Program Manager position is an exempt, full-time position with a regular  weekday work schedule of 40 hours per week, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with 30 minutes  for lunch. This position will involve some weekends and significant offsite travel.  Benefits include medical and dental, nine paid holidays per year, nine earned paid time  off hours each pay period, and a 403(b) retirement plan (after 6 months). The position  is based at the Alaska Humanities Forum offices in Anchorage, with occasional overnight  travel.

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