Security Sergeant Training Officer

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Reference Job Posting: IRC38772

Job Title: Security Sergeant Training Officer

Organization Name: Administration

Job Summary: The Training Officer is responsible for the development, management and evaluation of training programs for TCC Security. Incumbent is accountable for supporting the mission, goals and objectives of TCC including leading, scheduling and training security officers, enforcing TCC policy, providing security related training to non-security staff, analyzing security systems/programs and recommending changes to the Security Manager as well as other duties as assigned.

Adhere to the TCC Ch'eghwtsen' model of service and guiding principle which requires providing timely and effective service along with the ability to interact with others in a way that inspires trust and demonstrates respect, compassion and empathy.

Essential Functions: This list is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by incumbent(s).

Representative Duties: Under the supervision of the Security Manager, incumbent:

1. Serves as the Security Program's Training Officer; including comprehensive management of the training program.

2. Oversees training of security officers and provides on-going guidance to reinforce adherence to policy and procedure, general orders, post orders, safety, and accepted security practices.

3. Monitors and evaluates performance and behaviors of trainees and provides appropriate feedback, guidance and additional training as necessary.

4. Serves as a role model for trainees in demonstrating professional conduct, leadership, responsibility, job knowledge and integrity; works with new recruits and seasoned officers to provide support, encouragement and motivation.

5. Works with the Supervisor, Safety program and others to ensure the physical safety of trainees during instruction; takes appropriate emergency action in the event students are hurt or distressed during training.

6. As directed by the Security Manager Incumbent maintains and updates student records including tests, evaluations, inspections, discipline and other training program related matters.

7. Incumbent assists with traditional Security Sergeant related duties when necessary such as daily logs, writing investigative reports, parking enforcement, site inspections, responding to requests for assistance, assisting in creating, revising, and updating policies and procedures for the security program.

8. When necessary will be responsible for supervising and directing the daily duties and responsibilities of security staff within the assigned area of responsibility.

9. Must be available to work rotating shifts, respond to on-call emergencies, work overtime, and be available to work weekends and holidays.

10. Meets with the Security Manager regularly to discuss issues related to security.

11. Renders emergency first aid and CPR when necessary.

12. When Necessary will assist in non-training program related duties, such as:

a. Performs security, safety and patrol related duties as necessary.

b. Inspects premises for signs of intrusions and interruption of utility services. Monitors all areas of property including common areas and parking lots. Reports irregularities to appropriate parties.

c. Responds to alarms and investigates disturbances.

d. Investigate security related incidents and assists with investigations related to safety.

e. Confronts unauthorized personnel to maintain facility integrity.

Other Responsibilities:

1. When necessary may require time pressures, frequent change of tasks, tedious and exacting work, exposure to a variety of environments, emergency situations and irregular schedules.

2. Performs other job-related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. High School Diploma or GED equivalent.

2. At least 21 years of age.

3. Four years of previous security-related experience. However, up to two years of military service or up to two years of higher education (30 semester hours per year) may be substituted on a year-for-year basis.

4. Two years of professional Training experience in Physical Security, Law Enforcement or other Adult learning related field required.

5. Successful supervisor experience.

6. Excellent health and physical condition due to the strenuous demands of the position.

7. Must be able to meet the physical demands of the position.

8. Must pass extensive background check.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

1. Must read, write, speak, and comprehend English.

2. Ability to perform duties in a cross-cultural environment.

3. Strong verbal, motivational and interpersonal skills.

4. Must be skilled in the use of computers.

5. Organizing and maintaining a variety of records and files.

Supervision: This position includes supervisory responsibilities.

Physical Demands: Employee must constantly walk, stand, reach with both hands and arms, climb stairs and must be able to drive a vehicle. Employee must be able to lift and carry up to seventy five pounds. Position requires job incumbent to stand and walk for extended periods of time. Dexterity and agility are also required as necessary to apprehend unruly persons. Job incumbent is required to wear a uniform as defined by TCC Uniform SOP. Employee works in various environments including adverse outdoor conditions such as cold, snow, rain or heat. This position works varied shifts and varied job sites, mental and physical endurance is essential.

Summation: Strong analytical, communication, cross-cultural and interpersonal skills are necessary for interaction with tribal members, the general public, and employees during the course of work. Incumbent must be tactful and courteous, and use sound judgment when handling situations and encounters.

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