Maintenance/Facilities Coordinator

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for the day-to-day performance and operation of the facilities department. Ensures the facilities component areas operate within defined policies and procedures and daily operations are well managed.


1. Oversees all facilities management responsibilities.

• Works closely with landlord to ensure facility up keeping and safety.
• Coordinate with staff, agency departments, and outside sources to implement repair and maintenance of the Head Start facility, storage areas, machinery, and equipment.
• Manage projects related to moving of office furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
• Administer general maintenance of the environment and employee training to meet workplace safety standards.
• Ensure the program is free of safety hazards through daily routine safety inspections and upkeep of the playground, classrooms, offices, and common areas.
• Develop and maintain scope of work for janitorial services and address concerns.
• Arrange for storage and disposal of excess equipment and furniture inventory.
• Participate in the planning process for purchasing and receiving new furniture and equipment.
• Provide training for program staff regarding safety and standard operations.
• Establish and maintain systems related to building security, keys and cell phones.
• Perform scheduled physical inventory of furniture, equipment, and onsite chemicals.
• Assist staff with technical support relative to equipment and facility issues.
• Provide an atmosphere that develops positive self-esteem and pride by incorporating Native cultural and heritage into daily activities.

2. Responsible for the development and implementation of component work plans:
• Coordinate and monitor the work plans to ensure compliance with performance standards and all applicable state and federal guidelines.
• Complete all assigned paperwork and reports in a timely manner.
• Assist in preparation of budget and recommend allocation of funds for supplies, equipment, training, and other necessary expenses within assigned component
• Coordinate with other components regarding communication and planning for the operations of the program.

3. Responsible for facility maintenance and safety compliance with Municipality Child Care Code.
• Facilitate monthly fire drills.
• Coordinate with Education Manager to review Municipality code regulations and provide management with ongoing feedback for compliance.
• Ensure regulatory facility inspections are completed.
• Facilitate ongoing communication with Education Manager and Child Care Licensing office regarding program operations.

• Must be familiar with Alaska Native/American Indian heritage and culture and must be able to serve and effectively communicate with the children and families enrolled in the CINHS program.
• Demonstrate skill in developing and maintaining successful working relationships with customers, their families, colleagues, and others.
• Demonstrate skill in effective written, oral, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
• Demonstrate skill to efficiently and effectively manage multiple responsibilities.
• Demonstrate skill to maintain quality, safety, and infection control standards.
• Demonstrate skill in the use of computers and appropriate software.
• Demonstrate skill to effectively and efficiently make decisions.
• Demonstrate skill to perform job with minimal supervision.
• Demonstrate skill to use improvement tools and principles.
• Knowledge and compliance with all applicable laws, policies, procedures, bylaws, regulatory requirements, and best practice guidelines.
• Demonstrate skill in the use of strategic planning and decision making processes.
• Demonstrate skill to work in a multi-disciplinary team environment.
• Demonstrate ability of effective Customer Service skills.
• Ability to work effectively in a team environment.
• Flexibility with respect to time and days able to work, as well as work tasks.
• Other duties as assigned.

• High School Diploma or G.E.D.
• First Aid and CPR certification may be required.
• Must successfully complete TB and hepatitis screening exams and any required vaccinations.
• Must be able to pass a criminal background check as required by state and federal law.
• Preferred knowledge of Head Start Performance Standards and Anchorage Municipality childcare requirements.

May be exposed to communicable diseases. Safety precautions for employees such as blood drawing for screening of various diseases such as hepatitis, required immunizations, etc. are necessary. Occasionally subject to verbal abuse, threats, and physical violence from angry, hostile, or disgruntled patients and/or family. The work requires sitting at work station to perform administrative duties. Requires routine walking, standing, bending, and carrying of items weighing less than 40lbs. Must be able to work under physically and emotionally stressful conditions. Travel may be required.

Would you like to work with children? Are you a current or former Head Start parent? We encourage you to apply! Cook Inlet Native Head Start is a non-profit corporation established solely to operate the Tribal Head Start program, providing early childhood education services as well as quality family related services for the Native population in Anchorage, AK. All position descriptions can be located on our website at or stop by to pick up an application. You can apply electronically at our website or turn in your application to the front desk (6901 E. Tudor Rd).

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