Director, Oil & Gas

Position:          Director, Oil & Gas
Department:  Energy, Land & Resources
Reports To:     Vice President Energy, Land & Resources
FLSA Status:   Exempt

Manager, Oil & Gas
Revenue Analyst

General Function
In alignment with CIRI’s mission and values, manages, promotes, and monitors the development of upstream oil and gas activities on CIRI properties. Responsible for the negotiation and issuance of oil and gas related agreements under the supervision of the Vice President, Energy, Land & Resources. Manages contract administration and compliance for all oil and gas agreements on CIRI lands. Advances strategies to promote responsible resource development on CIRI lands with the objective of growing Company revenues.

Major Activities (Typical Duties/Responsibilities)

  1. Negotiates, writes, reviews and amends unit agreements, leases, surface and land use permits that enable responsible development on CIRI lands.
  2. Protects CIRI’s long term best interests as landowner, particularly regarding land preservation and end of field life issues related to risk and liability for dismantlement, removal and remediation of facilities, pipelines, and other impacts to CIRI lands caused by development.
  3. Assists team in selecting and prioritizing lands with resource potential to fulfill CIRI’s ANCSA entitlement.
  4. Assists executive management in evaluating new oil and gas related investment opportunities.
  5. Establishes and manages the lease administration program; tracks rental and royalty payments, identifies discrepancies and manages disputes with lessees. Coordinates and reconciles revenue with Accounting department.
  6. Reviews and approves annual plans of operations and development for active oil and gas leases. Prepares and reviews working interest and net revenue interest for revenue budgeting and strategic planning.
  7. Ensures lessee operations comply with all terms of lease agreements.
  8. Advises and coordinates on existing and potential agreements.
  9. Reviews, evaluates and prepares prospect summaries for marketing CIRI lands for responsible resource development. Builds network of industry professionals and actively markets CIRI lands for resource extraction opportunities.
  10. Supervises outside consultants related to lease sales, new unit agreements, prospect evaluations and seismic and well log analysis.
  11. Builds and maintains relationships with CIRI village representatives, State and Federal regulatory agencies, business associations, and stakeholders.
  12. Researches and documents farmouts, leases, rights-of-way, joint ventures and other types of oil and gas agreements; organizes, gathers, and analyzes chain of documents and title.
  13. Analyzes and evaluates fair market value reports and reserves levels. Reviews and approves lease assignments and asset transfers when necessary. Prepares related production schedules and work papers through review and recalculation of royalty and production reports.
  14. Actively monitors oil and gas resource development on State and Federal lands adjacent to CIRI lands in order to protect CIRI’s interests.
  15. Oversees acquisition and license of geological and geophysical data. Works with Records Management staff and outside consultants, including geotechnical personnel, on data inventory and storage.
  16. Prepares department budget and monitors budget-to-actual performance.
  17. Prepares quarterly memos and presentations on current industry activity on CIRI lands for management and the Board.
  18. Supervises and manages staff, including performance management and annual employee appraisals, career development and goal setting, training and team building. Fosters innovation.
  19. Performs other duties as appropriate and as assigned.


  • Understand CIRI’s mission, values, and strategic focus areas and incorporate knowledge into daily activities.
  • Working knowledge of Alaska oil and gas laws, rules and regulations as they apply to the oil and gas industry.
  • Working knowledge of geology, petroleum engineering, and accounting.
  • Familiarity with geophysical and geological exploration methods and data.
  • Working knowledge of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, specifically 7(i) settlement agreement the Alaska National Interest Land Conservation Act, National Environmental Policy Act, and other applicable laws and regulations affecting resource development, land use, and entitlement.
  • Excellent negotiation skills.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of land ownership and management.
  • Working knowledge of financial statements, title work, recording procedures, and legal descriptions.
  • Ability to analyze, draft, and administer contracts.
  • Ability to research, organize, and analyze technical information.
  • Experience working with and motivating in a team oriented, collaborative environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to work effectively and cooperatively with all levels of management and staff, affiliated-company employees as well as outside business associates; exhibits a professional manner in dealing with others.
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills.
  • Work independently with minimal supervision, make decisions, solve problems, and exercise excellent judgment.
  • Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office.
  • Prefer candidates with GIS mapping and oil and gas software experience. 

Physical Abilities

  • Must possess sufficient fine motor skills for use of computers with an ability to withstand repetitive keyboarding for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to sit for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to kneel, bend, and twist at the waist on an occasional basis.
  • Must be able to reach below shoulder height with regular frequency (desk position) and at or above shoulder height on occasion.
  • Must be able to push, pull, carry, and lift objects weighing up to 20 pounds on a regular basis, and greater weights on an occasional basis.

Minimum Experience

Seven to ten years of progressively responsible landman experience with an established oil and gas company. Experience working as a landman in Alaska preferred. Bachelor's degree in business, land, natural resources management or related field and eight years progressively more responsible experience; or any combination of education and experience that provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities. CPL designation preferred.

Required Contacts

  • CIRI Board of Directors, executives, management, and staff
  • Representatives of state, federal, and local agencies
  • Executives, management and staff of other ANCSA corporations and villages
  • Environmental, legal, construction, land and resource professionals
  • Partners, managers and staff of joint ventures and limited partnerships
  • Lessees, consultants, contractors
  • General public

Anchorage, AK

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