Wildland Firefighter/Firefighter/Natural Resources/Forestry

Incumbent serves as a Firefighter Type 2 on the Yukon Type 2 Initial Attack Crew performing fire suppression and fuels management duties in the most adverse climate, fuel, and terrain conditions.

The FFT2 has no supervisory responsibilities and is supervised by the Squad Boss, the Assistant Superintendent or the Superintendent.

  • Completes required training.
  • Performs daily physical conditioning program.
  • Serves as a crewmember with a wide variety of wildfires suppression, fire preparedness, prescribed fire, and project work duties.
  • Uses and maintains related and specialized equipment, including hand tools, chainsaws, engines, pumps, and firing devices.
  • Maintains safe working procedures and environment.
  • Contributes and maintains a positive and safe work attitude.
  • Conforms to safety policies and general housekeeping practices.
  • Demonstrates sound work ethic, flexibility, and dedication to the position.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude, is respectful, and possesses cultural awareness and sensitivity toward clients and co-workers.
  • Expected to be prepared to start shift on time, meet attendance standards, and work the hours necessary to perform the job’s essential functions.
  • Employees are expected to embrace, support, and promote the core values of respect, integrity, trust, compassion, and quality which align with Chugachmiut’s Mission and Vision through their actions and interactions with all patients, staff, and others.
  • Performs other duties as assigned or required. 

Education Requirement

  • Qualify to meet the Incident Command System (ICS) minimum red card qualifications of FFT 2.
  • The incumbent must pass the arduous duty work capacity test (“Pack Test”), which consists of carrying a 45-pound pack for 3 miles in 45 minutes.
  • One year of firefighting experience directly related to the described duties or other experience and education equipped the incumbent with the knowledge, skills, and abilities identified to perform the work successfully.


In addition, the physical demands of the position require that the incumbent is in good physical condition.
Fieldwork involves rigorous outdoor climbing, boating, and flying under adverse weather conditions.  Fire duty involves exposure to rigorous outdoor conditions, smoke, and extreme environmental hazards. The duties of this position involve fieldwork in remote and/or rugged terrain where climate conditions are variable and extreme.  This position requires extensive travel, extended hours, and varied work environments, including remote physical areas, high altitudes, dangerous animals, and some degree of physical danger.

Due to the complexity of the position, each fire incident presents varied and unique problems.  The work may be performed on a small initial attack response up to a highly complex fire involving large acreage, multiple camps, numerous people, and air operations. Work may be performed for extended periods physically removed from the immediate supervision of Chugachmiut and the DNR Department of Forestry duty station.

In performing these tasks, a close working relationship with federal, state, borough, Native villages, Native villages, regional corporations, and other private organizations is required.  The incumbent will work closely and coordinate efforts with Chugachmiut and the State of Alaska – Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  As a part of the normal work situation, the DNR in McGrath will be responsible for providing daily operational control and direction.  Assignments will be performed with moderate independence and require the application of initiative and creativity in accomplishing tasks.  This position requires the operation of a motor vehicle.  Applicants must have (or obtain within 30 days of entrance on duty) a valid state driver’s license.

Chugachmiut is a drug and alcohol-free environment. Please review the attached Alcohol & Drug-Free Work Place Notice to Employees. 

The position will be a full-time seasonal with an approximate six-month appointment. 

Hours of work are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with a one-hour lunch period. 

The duty station will be Kenai, Alaska, for the Yukon Crew.

This position will utilize the following supervisory controls: Chugachmiut and State of Alaska – Department of Natural Resources (DNR) policy and manuals, DNR Standards for Fire Operations, Chugachmiut Fire Crew Operations Guide, and the contract agreement.

Chugachmiut has a hiring preference for qualified Alaska Native and American Indian applicants pursuant to P.L. 93-638 Indian Self Determination Act.

Applicants for Employment.  All applicants offered employment with Chugachmiut will be subject to a background investigation. Offers of employment are contingent on the successful completion of a background investigation conducted in accordance with Chugachmiut policy.

Every offer of employment with Chugachmiut will be made contingent on a background investigation. The nature and extent of the investigation will depend on the job duties of the position for which an offer is made.


Information obtained from a background investigation will be considered for employment purposes as permitted by federal and state law and in accordance with Chugachmiut’s policy.

Information will be reviewed to determine:

  • Whether an individual made false statements or material omissions on an application for employment or during an interview;
  • Whether an applicant or employee, based on the job duties of the position in question, poses a threat to security and/or employee safety in the workplace; and
  • The likelihood of an applicant or employee being successful and productive on the job.


Chugachmiut participates in E-Verify and will provide the federal government with the Form I-9 information to confirm authorization to work in the United States once a candidate is hired. If E-Verify cannot confirm authorization to work, written instructions will be provided and an opportunity to contact the Department of Homeland Security or Social Security Administration for resolution. 

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