Wildland Fire Module Assistant CRWB, ICT5, FIRB


The primary Mission of a Wildland Fire Module (WFM) is to provide an innovative, safe, highly mobile, logistically independent, and versatile fire module with a commitment to achieving diverse fire and fuel management objectives.

Essential Duties

Demonstrates the ability or obtain knowledge to perform the following duties:

  • Serves as an Assistant Module Leader and assists in supervising a 10-person Wildland Fire Module (WFM), overseeing proficiency in Wildland Fire Tactical Operations.
  • The incumbent will assist with overseeing the implementation and maintenance of Lookouts, Communications, Escape Routes, and Safety Zones (LCES) in an unanchored Fireline environment.
  • Assists the Module Leader with implementing the planning and conducting of burnout and blackline operations.
  • Assists with overseeing the operation and maintenance of fire management hydraulic systems, including pumping, hose lays, and structure protection sprinkler systems.
  • Independently interpret, evaluate, and implement operational action plans.
  • Ability to manifest, assemble, and facilitate external cargo for helicopter operations.
  • Conduct long-term strategies by implementing long-term plans by understanding concepts of point-protection, Management Action Points, and season-ending events.
  • Provide information to managers on tactical actions that meet the overall long-term objectives.
  • Complete written structure assessments, structure wrapping, interface fuel reduction during ongoing incidents and perform structure triage.
  • Assists with the oversight and implementation of ignition and holding actions of prescribed fire through all complexity levels.
  • Monitor and document fire behavior safely.
  • Monitor smoke dispersal and its impacts on sensitive receptors.
  • Identify and document fuels, slopes, and aspects affecting current and foreseeable fire behavior.
  • Collect, measure, and document live and dead fuel moisture.
  • Collecting and identifying fuel load data (e.g., Browns transects, photo series).
  • Evaluate and document post-fire effects.
  • Evaluate the potential effects of natural and constructed fire barriers.
  • Evaluate fuel treatments' effectiveness in modifying fire behavior.
  • Consistent in fireline weather monitoring and documentation.
  • Submitting, interpreting, and providing feedback to spot weather forecasts.
  • Deploy and maintain portable weather stations.
  • Proficient with GPS systems and can transfer information to mapping software.
  • Wildland fuels and fire progression mapping.
  • Map fire perimeters and points of interest using GPS systems.
  • Operate self-sufficiently for multiple days in a backcountry fire environment, including food, water, and equipment for 5-7 days.
  • Implementing MIST (Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics) or "light hand on the land tactics.
  • Transport personnel and equipment using remote travel techniques.
  • Prepare fire behavior and fuel condition monitoring documentation during ongoing incidents.
  • Transmit onsite observations from remote locations.
  • Assemble and organize large amounts of data in digital or hardcopy format.
  • Provide intelligence and feedback for the effectiveness of long-duration fire plans

    Essential Administrative Duties

    Demonstrate the ability or obtain knowledge to perform the following duties:

  • Implements the department's management policy and operating procedures and ensures employee compliance.
  • Participates in the recruitment and selection of crew personnel and establishing crew policies and procedures.
  • Ensure all non-expendable items checked out from the state warehouse and Chugachmiut gear is accounted for and returned at the end of the fire season.
  • Ensures cleaning and scheduled maintenance on all Chugachmiut-issued vehicles.
  • Enforce camp safety rules and regulations.
  • Demonstrates sound work ethic, is flexible, and shows dedication to the position.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude, is respectful, and possesses cultural awareness and sensitivity toward clients and co-workers.
  • Keeps customer service and the organization's Mission in mind when interacting with all clients, co-workers, and others.
  • Performs fire prevention and education functions as assigned.
  • Expected to embrace, support, and promote the core values of respect, integrity, trust, compassion, and quality, aligning with Chugachmiut's Mission and Vision through their actions and interactions with crewmembers and others.
  • Upholds and conforms to Chugachmiut policies, strict employee confidentiality, and HIPAA regulations.
  • Serves as Representative of Chugachmiut to fire suppression agencies; therefore, will maintain professionalism.
  • Hears and resolves complaints from incumbents.
  • Must be comfortable implementing minor disciplinary measures such as warnings and corrective actions.
  • Identifies and provides for training needs.
  • Finds ways to improve production or increase the quality of work directed.
  • Recommends promotions and commends outstanding performances.
  • Performs other duties as assigned or required.

Preseason Training:

  • Leads daily physical conditioning program to ensure the crews' physical stamina for firefighting.
  • Coordinates and conducts field training exercises.
  • Develops and participates in refresher course training for crew.
  • Coordinates and conducts Pack Test and PT test.
  • Ensures preseason training records are documented and submitted to Soldotna Forestry to FMO, AFMO, or assigned State Forestry contact.

Project Work:

  • Ensures that the crew has the proper equipment to perform assigned duties.
  • Coordinates project work assignments with the Forestry Manager/Fire Program Manager or otherwise designed contact.

Position Qualifications/Requirements:

  • Crewboss, ICT5, FIRB
  • High school diploma or G.E.D. An associate’s degree or better is preferred, but time and experience in this field will be considered

    Physical Requirements:

  • The incumbent must pass the arduous duty work capacity test ("Pack Test"), which consists of carrying a 45-pound pack for 3 miles in 45 minutes.
  • Must pass a Physical Training Test (PT Test) which consists of a 1.5 mile run in 11:40 or better.
  • 40 Sit-ups in 60 seconds.
  • 25 push-ups in 60 seconds.
  • Pull/Chin-ups based on body weight in 60 seconds: ‚Äč
    • 170lbs or more = 4
    • 135lbs – 170lbs = 5
    • 110lbs – 135lbs = 6
    • 110lbs or less = 7

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